Kirklees, with its prominent towns of Huddersfield and Dewsbury, is a prime example of the Leeds City Region's aptitude for innovation and global leadership in the manufacturing sector. With its high concentrations of value-added bespoke engineering, manufacturing makes up a quarter of the Kirklees economy with £1.5 billion of GVA, and 25,000 people employed (17% of the workforce) - the third highest number of any locality in England.

The area’s density of talent and innovation already attracts global leaders in advanced manufacturing and precision engineering, like Cummins, VTL, David Brown and Syngenta. Kirklees combines breadth of expertise with high added value activities and niche strengths, including design, process, electrical and mechanical engineering and products that are critical to automotive, energy and low carbon supply chains such as gears, valves, pumps and turbo chargers.

Kirklees has diverse networks of specialist manufacturers who collaborate closely to add value. In fact, over 40% of firms in Kirklees still source more than half of their resources locally. It offers a robust platform for any business that seeks a new competitive edge, and it underpins the overall strength of the manufacturing sector in the Leeds City Region.

Kirklees is also a leading host of customer contact centres and support service companies. Industry leaders FMG and LV both have middle and back-office operations in Huddersfield, encouraged by the district’s friendly and communicative workforce.

Kirklees’ strength is its small to medium sized enterprises: filling the gap in the national economy often overlooked by larger firms, yet still responsible for 22% of UK revenue. It's also an increasingly attractive area for manufacturers bringing production back to the UK because of demand for higher-quality and reliability.

Like the Leeds City Region as a whole, Kirklees has a clear plan to encourage more growth and prosperity in the future. The Kirklees Economic Strategy outlines creative and forward-thinking plans to regenerate and protect towns like Dewsbury and Huddersfield not just against future economic uncertainty but with foresight for more practical challenges like the health of its workforce and global climate change.

Huddersfield - The place to make it offer detailed information about Kirklees’ economic strengths and growth opportunities.

Innovation for the future

Technology and creativity are centrepieces in Kirklees' strategic plan. It already has its digitally creative Media Centre in the heart of Huddersfield and the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre at the University of Huddersfield - purpose built to research manufacturing process improvements and open up new markets.

The council also runs several enterprise centres across the district and work is well underway on the private sector-led Globe Mill Environmental Technology Centre in Slaithwaite. That's on top of freeing up extra land and grade A developments for forward-thinking businesses who realise the exciting potential for innovative opportunities in Kirklees.

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