Leeds City Region is best placed to address the challenges for the future of manufacturing and provides the perfect location for companies looking to grow, innovate and improve efficiency. Compared with the rest of the UK, it has distinct advantages in three key areas: market size, workforce skill and supply chain.

Leeds City Region: Fit for the future

Globalisation has driven production facilities towards countries with the lowest labour costs and/or the largest markets. However we are seeing a resurgence of high-value manufacturing in the UK, and Leeds City Region in particular.

These changes in manufacturing are driven by a combination of process innovation, new technology and changing customer demand; none more so than in areas of high-value activity, such as advanced/precision engineering.

With the greatest concentration of high-value manufacturers in the UK, and renowned for its scale, diversity and excellence, Leeds City Region is well placed to shape the rapidly changing manufacturing environment, as well as capture the opportunities it presents.

The EY Attractiveness Survey 2018 confirmed Leeds City Region’s strength in attracting international investment. In fact, Yorkshire and the Humber recorded the highest number of manufacturing  projects.

Discover more about the sector by reading this blog about the manufacture of the biggest water gate valve in the world, engineered in Leeds City Region.

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