Our city region has the largest workforce in northern England, with the working age population set to grow faster than the national rate. This demographic is set to increase by 26% between 2006 and 2031 - with the highest levels of growth expected in Leeds, Bradford and York.

We are commited to long-term investments in our talent. The City Region's Strategic Economic Plan outlines our ambition to increase the high level skills by 2036. We are also working with our education sector to deliver capital projects such as new campuses, labs as well as with the business sector to ensure we have the best environments and courses enabling our talent to be prepared to meet the challenges not just of today but also tomorrow.


Highly skilled and future-focused

Leeds City Region produces over 38,900 graduates each year from our nine world class univesities, with 47% in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) subjects and is the largest producer of graduates in STEM in the North.


This ensures that there is a ready pipeline of talent each year, a pipeline further bolstered by talent that looks to the region as the detination to start their careers (Leeds has been highlighted as one of the few cities to have net gain of talent each year).


The city region's talent is further bolstered by 14 higher education colleges, University Training Colleges and the Leeds City Region Apprenticeship Programme which are working to ensure future generations have the skills requireed to drive businesses growth.

When it came to the expansion we looked globally at where we could find the right people, with the right attitude in the right location, and it was then we realised we were already here in Leeds and just needed to expand.

Ben Warn, CEO of New Ventures at Perform Group


Leeds City Region’s global outlook continues to grow with 210,000 students from 150 countries who study here at our higher education institutions, and stay connected with university alumni networks. That's a huge pool of native multi-linguists for businesses who rely on fluent communication for international competitive edge, alongside 9,000 students who study professional modern languages here.

How Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership can help you

At Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership we help you access the right pools of talent so you're well-staffed for growth in our region. Our dedicated team of industry experts offer practical help with your proposal, and can present compelling reasons to senior decision-makers about why you should choose to locate in the Leeds City Region.

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Leeds City Region boasts the highest concentration of higher education institutions in the UK outside of London. With nine unviersities, each with their own specialisms, strengths, and unique student experiences.

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