The Leeds City Region has rich employment and training networks. At Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership we do the hard work of assembling recruitment partners from across the public and private sectors that fit your specific demands, so hiring the right talent becomes a simple matter of one quick and productive discussion.

We bring partners together to provide a practical service solution that includes:

  • Recruitment days and information sessions
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Volume recruitment
  • Graduate recruitment
  • Setting up apprenticeship schemes and customised training 

Highly skilled and future-focused

The ability to recruit suitably qualified candidates is critical to investing and growing your business, with over 7 million people within one hour’s drive and growth in the working age population twice that of the national average, Leeds City Region is able to respond to your needs.

To discover more about the highly skilled graduates and the wealth of renowned universities and higher education establishments in our region please click here.

Influential networks

As with property, innovation and talent: the Leeds City Region has a complex ecosystem of influential business leaders in private and public sector organisations. We introduce new businesses to those networks and act as a single point of contact.

We also champion proposals through planning and regulatory processes with our influential voice throughout the Leeds City Region, and ensure that the true value of a business case is accurately represented and understood by the right people.

Our goal is to connect people with common ambitions so they transform the Leeds City Region, and reinforce its position as a global investment location and the UK's northern powerhouse of balanced and sustainable growth.